Honeymoon in Shimla

Shimla is the perfect destination for the newlyweds wanting to cherish their honeymoon. If you are looking to have fun and escape on a romantic getaway leaving the city hush-hush behind, then Shimla is a must for you. Below mentioned are some of the places.

Naldehra Peak


One of the most fulfilling experiences for a newlywed couple is to witness a perfect blend of the evening sun setting across the length of the outstretched sky. Thankfully, Naldehra Peak is a beautiful place combining a magical climate with a spell-binding sunset. Engulfed by forests, the peak also offers adventure enthusiasts a decent trekking spree with the fantastic lush greenery and an expansive landscape.



Another romantic getaway for Honeymoon in Shimla is the Kufri hill-station located at the foothills of the Himalayas. The hill-station offers breath-taking scenery mixed with a serene ambiance and entrancing locales. Moreover, the place also caters to the interests of adventure freaks by providing a fantastic trekking and camping experience. Furthermore, you can also immerse yourself in other adventure sports like skiing, horse riding, karting, etc.

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Prominently known as the hill station tucked in the lap of nature, Chail is a picturesque haven for the lovely married couples looking for a cozy hill-station to spend their honeymoon days. Apart from staying at the hill-station, you have options to have lakeside candlelight dinner and delve into the elegant world of Chail Wildlife Sanctuary. Hence, Chail can easily be considered as the most beautiful place for Honeymoon in Shimla.

The Scandal Point

Nothing can be as romantic as the truth behind the story of Scandal Point. Dedicated to the tale of how two lovers eloped together, the Scandal Point is situated at the western edge of Shimla. The squared block of the area is well-known for overlooking exquisite ridges and snow-capped mountains. However, the aesthetics are prominent at the intersection of the Mall Road and the Ridge Road in the face of the Scandal Point

Jakhoo Hills

Jakhoo Hills

Jakhoo Hills is another best tourist place in Shimla for the newlyweds wanting to enjoy a romantic evening together. The hill stations offer trails for romantic walks amidst the nature wandering in the arms of the one you love. Moreover, the trails are located as high as 8000m making it all the more exciting at the same time.

Summer Hill

For couples looking to make the most out of their honeymoon, Summer Hill is an awesome delight to soak in the beauty of the snowclad mountains alongside the fervent township bustling with surrounding scenic valleys. Moreover, the hill station is located against a backdrop of snowy mountains.

The above  mentioned places must definitely be on your bucket list to visit in Shimla. However, there are more such attractions in Shimla and it would be advisable if you could even cover them while you are visiting Shimla for your honeymoon.

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Most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Shimla

Shimla is the notorious venue of romanticism for everyone and it offers a lot of things to do while you are visiting. From horse-riding to a walk against a waterfall, Shimla can spellbind you with some of the most amazing romantic things you can think off.

Meeting at Jakhoo Hill

Honeymoon in shimla

Starting your trip with Jakhoo Hill is the best thing to do in Shimla. Amidst the backdrop of snowclad mountains, you can spend some pristine quality time with your soulmate making it the most romantic moment of your honeymoon. The place is also well renowned for offering a bird’s eye view of the city of Shimla. For religious couples, Jakhoo hill also offers a large statue of Lord Hanuman.

Date at Summer Hill

The hill station is located 1283 m above the sea level and is one of the seven hills which altogether form the beauty called Shimla. Engulfed by valleys, scenery, and serenity, Summer Hill is the perfect attraction for creating some beautiful memories with your better-half which can be later recollected and cherished.

Dive in serenity at Shimla Ridge

Honeymoon in shimla

Nothing offers the peace and the quiet like The Ridge. The Shimla Ridge is a popular tourist destination for honeymoon in Shimla and visited by flocks of newly married couples quite frequently. Housing some of the finest architectural masterpieces, The Ridge is a profound ocean of serenity and magnificence.

Stay at Annandale

Honeymoon in Shimla

Another thing you can on your Honeymoon in Shimla is to stay at Annandale. The place is popular for recreational activities like cricket and polo. Moreover, the place can cast a charm on you with the lush green gardens and the aura of nature earth. Apart from activities and greenery Annandale offers a ton of other mysteries which couples can witness only when they are willing to stay back.

Walk near the Chadwick Falls

Honeymoon in Shimla

Encaptivating and entrapping are the right words to describe the elegance of Chadwick Falls. Of the most amazing things to do in Shimla, a walk alongside the pristinely clear and sparkling waters of the Chadwick Fall is the best. The landscape at Chadwick Falls seems taken out of a scenic portrait and just imagine you and your soulmate enjoying a walk by it. It would turn out to be the most cherished memory of your life

Horse riding at Naldehra Peak

Honeymoon in Shimla

Naldehra Peak is another best tourist place nearby Shimla and is popular for horse riding and if you are visiting here, you must surely give it a try. Horse riding is an adventurous activity you can witness at Naldehra Peak apart from the subtle warmth and beauty of the hill station

Kufri adventure

Honeymoon in Shimla

Offering adventurers, the zeal they come looking for, Kufri is the best adventurous spot in Shimla and you must try everything it has to offer. The hill station not only overlooks a panoramic view of the mountains and valleys in Shimla but it also is a great place to explore, travel and rewind.

Apart from the adventures mentioned above, you can also partake in ice-skating, shopping, sunset points and romantic candlelight dinner at any place in Shimla.

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